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In November of 2009, we had the opportunity to travel to, and work in, the community of Natuashish Labrador.   

Natuashish is an Innu community on the coast of Labrador, about 300 kms north of Goose Bay NL.  Two of our trucks and trailers, 10 houses, several commercial buildings, including a day care and a court house, and all of the equipment and materials necessary to erect these buildings, were loaded on a barge in New Brunswick and sailed up the coast. 

Our crew of nine flew to Natuashish, and transported each modular unit from the barge to various building sites in the community, and then erected each one in its foundation. 

This project, as well as many others that we have been part of, presented logistical challenges that were extraordinary, but, once again, our team worked really hard, overcame obstacles, and completed the job successfully.  This particular project allowed us to work in a community in a part of Canada that most of us will never have the opportunity to visit, and we are grateful for the opportunity.  

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